Explore Singapore Railway

Every train Malaysia features a predefined departures and arrival times at varied stations you’ll check them and obtain connecting train to the destinations of your selection via this on-line Malaysian railway timetable. thus, no additional line of work the railway enquiry offices to understand concerning railway plan or change long queues for inquiries as the net has really created our life easier than before. With on-line railway timetable you’ll rummage around for all kinds of solutions on your queries while not fixing an excessive amount of your valuable time.

The railway department provides with the ETS Enquiry toll free number for the convenience of the passengers as many a times passengers face problems while booking the Singapore to Kuala Lumpur train tickets online. This is a toll free number and can be utilized to get the details about your latest transaction. All the information is furnished to the passengers here.

Other than the online booking of the tickets one can also get the reservation done from the reservation counter. This is the traditional way of booking the tickets but it is quite safe and secure. Under this system the tickets can be booked only after going to the respective ticket counter. The reservation counters are made at every station one can go to these counters take the reservation form and fill the required details. The reservation form asks about the personal details like name, age and sex of the passenger. You also need to motion the place of departure and destination along with the class in which you would like to travel.

easybook.com System provides with the facility of online booking of the tickets. Booking the Singapore to Kuala Lumpur train tickets online can sometimes be troublesome when the internet connection does not function properly. The passengers face numerous problems if the server goes down or if there is any kind of internet related issue. Problems also arise due to the backend software of the railways which is being taken in use. At times the railway website does not open up due to heavy traffic which becomes quite upsetting for the passengers.

This mode of booking the tickets can be a bit time taking but it is completely safe. Ones the reservation form is filled you have to submit the form at the window along with the amount of the tickets. Immediately after making the payments and after submitting the form you can get the tickets. In case of unavailability of the seats in the train the passengers are told accordingly. You can then book your Singapore to Kuala Lumpur train tickets by some other train or you can get your name in the waiting list which is displayed on the platform.

So if you are willing to book the tickets then you can get it done by the two methods which you can choose according to your convenience and interest. We still see large number of people getting the railway tickets booked by the anarchic method to be on the safer side.

Eco-Tourism in Malaysia

While in Malaysia, if you miss out on exploring the amazing bio diversity this nation beholds, you would be missing something you are going to regret for sure. If you plan a ferry trip to Langkawi Island, then perhaps you can book easybook ferry to Langkawi via Internet.

Thus, even if you are not a nature lover, make sure to touch base on the few famous and heart melting eco-tourism sites that the nation of Malaysia offers to every traveler.

  1. endau-rompinEndau- Rompin National Park: Endau Rompin is located at the border of Johor and Panang in Malaysia and is a National park which is home to exotic and rich flora and fauna encompassing the watershed of the rivers Rompin and Endau, from where the place derives its name from! This park is known to house an array of species of mammals, insects, herbs, trees, birds, varieties of orchids and medicinal plants too!
  2. Danum Valley: This region is blessed with the spectacular bio-diversity of tropical fauna nd flora and is known as the Danum Valley Conservation Area. This place is home to some of the most exotic species of Orangutans, Mousedeers, Sumatran Rhinoceros, Gibbons and clouded leopards as well!
  3. Bako National Park: This is the oldest national park in Malaysian Sarawak formed in the year 1957 and is blessed with secluded coves and spectacular cliffs and rugged rocky headlands which overlooks the South China Sea. The vegetation diversity and the others are incredible to sight and experience in here.
  4. Others: The other major bio-diversity sites that one may come across in this nation are the Nelum Forest Reserve which is a virgin jungle which is also the largest untouched forest in the Peninsular Malaysia, the Langkawi Mangroves, a mangrove forest region set at the backdrop of limestone outcrops from the Andaman Sea and the Gunung Malu National park which houses the longest network of the caves in the planet.

The list is endless, plan a trip and explore more with every trip and feel the difference!

Langkawi the natural paradise to explore


Whenever you plan to visit the Asean countries, your automatic first choice for a base should become Malaysia. Yes, Malaysia is considered as the gateway to the Asean nations, and many people visit the place when they decide to head to Asia. But, as a very typical choice, people sometimes ignore many places in Malaysia. Malaysia is famous for Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya, but there so many other exotic places in country too.

We are of course talking about destinations like Langkawi. Apart from snatching up duty less or free items like cigarettes, chocolates and alcohol—the archipelago has many more things to offer to all its visitors.

Where exactly should we head?

The archipelago of Langkawi is situated right on the west coast of Malaysia. The Langkawi Island is famous because it is totally made up of 99 islands. The topology of the island is also quite picturesque as it is surrounded by the sea. The main Langkawi Island has full of breath taking places like its jungle habiting hills or its brilliant paddy fields.

You can easily move from KL to Langkawi in various ways, as per your own wish and desire.

How to travel to the place

Since Malaysia is a place which is quite diverse when it comes to travelling, a person can easily move from KL to Langkawi by various means. You can always opt for a Langkawi car rental, from any of the local car renters. And you can easily take that car to the island. You might also have to use the ferry service in between. Langkawi Island is about 420 Kms north of KL, as it lies on the north western side of the nation.

You can take local conveyance too

If you want explore the island in the most prolific and proficient way, then you can always rent a car directly at the island. There are many companies (both domestic and international) which are in the business of providing top rental cars to all their customers. All you have to do is compare every single langkawi car rental price and select your car as per your convenience. You can find cars of various sizes, prices, shapes, utilities and also make and brand.

What’s there to see at Langkawi?

The island is the Mecca for nature lovers. Starting from its shoreline –which is covered by the pristine sand— to the tall coconut trees that surround the area, everything is organic on the island. If you have a rental car, you can easily drive around the various places of the interests on the island. We are talking about destinations like underwater world, the sky bridge, eagle square, or even the cable car ride situated at the Pantai Kok.

The whole astrosphere at Langkawi can be electrifying; however if you just need peace of mind, then you can easily head towards any of the tranquil beaches and make yourself comfortable.

Crucial Things to Know Bout Car Rental Airport

So, you are renting a car for the first time and you need help. Well! Yes! There are a lot of things that one need to keep in mind. Here is a brief guide for you on how you can deal with the nitty-gritties of renting vehicles.

Condition of the Vehicle

Conditions of the vehicle are more important to check while renting, also check the brand as well as the size of the car you are renting. Moreover, the rented car must be returned in the same condition, as well as, must not go beyond the agreed driving distance given by the agency. If you exceed the distance than the given, the agency will also ask for extra payment for extra distance. Moreover, according to the norms, the minimum age for driving the vehicle is 18 or 21 everywhere, however, in some other places it is 25.

Global Positioning System

Global positioning System or GPS technology is utilized to check where vehicle is travelling, mostly, in case of accident. A number of vehicle rental companies ask you to pay via your credit cards, as for them, it is easy to identify the individual who steals the vehicle. It also enables then to charge added fees. You will also have to pay in case agency found any defect in the car later, after return.

Documents Required

In order to get penang car rental, you need to submit the documents as well as. However, the documents vary from place to place or agency to agency. Some of the documents include:

  • Driver’s license
  • Prepaid car voucher
  • Valid credit card on the driver’s name

In many nations, national license with international driver permit is mandatory to get car in rent.

Few Points to Remember

  • Learn about the age required for drivers, given by the agency.
  • Compare the services charged and facilities offered by the various agencies.
  • Decide whether it is discounted or upgrade rated.
  • Type of the vehicle rented depends varies from brand-to-brand also from agency-to-agency.
  • Book the car in advance ASAP in order to avoid the confusion or any kind of hassle in the travel.
  • Before you make payment via your credit card, ask for the cancellation policy of booking.
  • Beware of the car insurance policy; always check it carefully to avoid paying extra.
  • If the driver will be two different people, ensure both name are given in the agreement paper.
  • Make full inspection of the car before taking ownership from the agency.
  • If the destination is unknown then always ask for directions and map from the agency.
  • If you are among those who frequently travel and rent car then you should always go for membership offered by almost every agency.
  • Ensure that the mileage policy is good and favorable for you. Sometimes mileage policy yields into huge extra charge.
  • Be careful from the hidden charges in the form of tax etc. Ask clearly from the service provider about it.

Why You Should Visit Malaysia

If you want to experience unforgettable travel experience in your life then Malaysia is a wonderful place to visit. The country is amazing and you will never regret your trip. Here are some cool reasons why you should visit Malaysia once in your life time.

Wild Life

Malaysia’s wild life is one of the reasons why huge number of travelers prefers to visit the country. Go to Borneo for two weeks at least to experience adventurous wild trip and you will never disappointed. You can take help from any rehabilitation center there to get close to the wonderful wild creatures there. If you will stay in jungle, you will witness living being like colorful critters, wild orangutans, gibbons, monitor lizards, and proboscis monkeys.

Friendly People

When you will visit Malaysia, you will always get the general feeling of being safe. People in Malaysia genuinely feel happy to see the visitors and are always welcoming and helpful. English is widely spoken in the country, so there is no language barrier. It is just easy to chat and understand each other language.


Malaysia has a lot of natural beauties, and for nature lovers Malaysia is just a wonderful place. If you love adventure like trekking then Malaysia is just the right place for you. There are lots of trekking opportunities there; you can explore Mount Kinabalu, Taman Negara, Penang Hill as well as Cameron Highlands. You can also enjoy hiking on Langkawi – it is a tropical island paradise.


From hills to beaches to mountains to jungles, Malaysia is just amazing when it comes to natural beauty. It’s beautiful landscape and scenery attracts a lot of landscape junkie and photographer. You will fall in love with Team Plantation in Cameron and jungle of Taman Negara. Perhentian Islands and Gunung Mulu National Park are also among the best place to visit.


Even though you are not a beach people, you will defiantly love amazing beaches of Malaysia. Visiting Pulau Sapi and Langkawi makes your trip wonderful. You will feel eternal peace and happiness when you will visit these places.